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Deal and Product Valuations

Deal and product valuation is a key factor for any biotech and pharma company. Learn how to calculate and determine the right assumption for any therapeutic product (pre-clinical, clinical or on the market) to structure a suitable licensing deal. Valuation in Life Sciences is probably one of the most difficult tasks. What deal terms can you ask for or what should be the equity share to a new investor? These are critical questions for most life science companies. However, valuation is more than just numbers – it’s about the assumptions and about understanding the business, so it comes down to the potential of a product or company and the associated risk.


Patrik Frei, Founder & CEO, Venture Valuation AG, Switzerland

Dr. Patrik Frei is founder and CEO of Venture Valuation AG, Switzerland. He started the company in 1999 when he noticed a need for independent valuation services during a collaboration with Novartis Venture Fund, which became his first client. Since then he has been involved in over 400 valuations. Venture Valuation also runs Biotechgate. Patrik graduated from the Business University of St. Gallen and completed his Ph.D. at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL Lausanne. Patrik was a board member and a founder of Ineo. He is also the Chairman of Ophthalmopharma, where he out-licensed a portfolio of 4 products. Furthermore, Patrik is a board member of Kleinkraftwerk Birseck AG. Patrik’s articles have been published in a number of scientific journals and business publications. Patrik is a reviewer for the Nature journals. Patrik also headed the Venture Valuation APAC office in Singapore.

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